The First Post

The first post sets the tone, it determines what the next six month of my life is going to look like. I am a little excited and a lot nervous.  I am excited for the lifestyle change and the fact that I can take my health into my own hands. I am  nervous that this going to be like a New Years Resolution; something I say I am committed to doing but don’t even last a full week doing it.  I think giving my self a little leeway will make this transition a whole lot easier – or here is to hoping that it does!

I have made a plan. I am surrounded by carnivores, I need a plan that will minimize the temptation to give in and indulge in those delicious animal based products. I am also a girl on the go, balancing my final year of my Undergrad Degree, Work, Practicum, and my “Secret Life” (Cadets).  I don’t foresee myself having time to whip together meals. My current go to meal is Chicken Nuggets – Vegas Flash Backs Here They Come!! Seriously though I love Chicken Nuggets, they are pretty much the only thing I eat for lunch when I home.

So I need a plan and this is it


  1. Planning:  I figure that if I truly spend sometime to plan out each meal and what I want to eat for the week I will be golden – I don’t think its going to be that easy… But I can wish right!
  2. Prep: On Sundays I cook – seems simple right?
  3. The List: My best guess is that if I go into a grocery store without a shopping list I will end up with a mash up of items and nothing to eat. I am use to eating animal protein I am assuming that my body is going to need time to adjust to not having it in my diet… and I don’t want to feel hungry… because that is no fun! Tackling the stores with a list will ensure I  am well nourished and full for longer.
  4. Research: I have done my research. Found some recipe that I am going to try and some great website that have educated on what I think I need to be educated on. I will share the top 5  at the bottom of this post – check them out I think they are great!
  5. Meals: So for meals I have decided that I can make 7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches and 7 Dinners and store them for the week! I don’t think I will get bored of eating the same thing everyday; I like a good routine! I am at least going to try this out! I think I will take meals one week at time until I figure out what works for me!                                 Side Note: VEGA!! VEGA!! VEGA!! Living in the west coast aka the best coast I have learned about VEGA which is a plant based nutrition! Thank you SEAWHEEZE for  introducing me to this wonderful product! About a year ago I bought  a package Vega One Nutritional Shake , and have yet to use it! I have a feeling this is going to be my new best friend with 20g of protein in one shake – now just to get over grittiness of it! I can do it, I have to do it!

So there you have it, the big master plan! I am pretty sure there is going to be a revised plan in my near future!

Top 5 Sites 

Considering going Vegan? As promised here are 5 website that have lots of information or fun recipes that I am excited to try 🙂

  1. — Did you know that Honey isn’t Vegan?
  2. — I like to think I am a runner! Most people can’t walk up and run 21.1 km right?   (They even have a free beginners guided – but I have downloaded it yet)
  3. — So many recipes added to my cooking list, and they don’t seem that hard to make
  4. — More recipes I want to try! — I can make unchicken and waffles (Yumm)
  5. — Check these tips on going vegan

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